Legal disclaimer

The Greenvest. and its affiliates and related entities (“Greenera Technologies”, “we” or “us”) operate an eCommerce website though which we sell crystalline silicon cells (“solar cells”) capable of passively generating DC electricity. Each solar cell is associated with a unique identifying label, and satisfies the technical specifications described in the product information documents provided to prospective purchasers. Though capable of generating DC electricity in almost any location, solar cells’ efficiency and utility can be optimized within engineered solar electricity generation systems. As a service to solar cell purchasers, we may offer to rent certain solar cells for a period of time, such that we may use them under desirable conditions within systems, in exchange for lease rental payments. At the purchaser’s option, rather than lease his solar cell to us, he may arrange delivery of any solar cell to his chosen address. If we lease solar cells, the calculation of any lease rental payments due from us will be impacted by a solar cell’s actual generation performance within the particular systems that we disclose, and by other factors. As a result, the rate, amount, and value of the rental payments can vary. Forecasts, estimates and projections as to lease rental may not be a reliable indicator of these matters. Where we have made any estimates or projections of anticipated rental amounts, costs or inflation, these are based on our beliefs and assumptions at the time we made them. However, our predictions or forecasts may be supported by information provided by third parties, and such information may be incorrect or incomplete. Our estimates or projections may involve known or unknown risks, variables that are difficult to measure or quantify, uncertainties and other important factors that could cause performance to differ from what we expect. We do not advise anyone as to the merits of, or make a personal recommendation in relation to, purchasing or leasing solar cells. Any User of our Website should consider carefully whether purchasing or leasing solar cells under the conditions we disclose is suitable in the light of his own personal, financial, tax and other circumstances. Any such Website User should consider carefully all the information set out in our Terms of Service and any proposed lease contract, product information document, or other related document, including any risk factors we choose to describe. Solar cell micro-lease and solar plant operation lease products are not securities, and Greenvest; Subsidiary of Greenera Technologies does not provide banking or financial services and is therefore not subject to financial regulatory oversight in Nigeria and other countries We do not provide financial services. We do not offer or sell any securities, or arrange the offer or sale of any securities. If you are in any doubt as to any aspect of purchasing or leasing solar cells in the project, including any accounting or tax issues, you should seek independent advice from an authorised person who has experience in advising on such matters. Nothing in this Website or document posted thereon should be read or understood to be financial, investment, tax or accounting advice. It may not be possible to resell solar cells purchased through us. Our solar cells have not been admitted to listing on any electricity or commodities market or other market, and they are not expected to be dealt on any exchange or other market. We are not obligated to repurchase solar cells we have sold, nor are we obligated to provide an indication of the price or value of solar cells after their sale.